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Cuban Infused Cuisine

Cuban Inspired Fare will tantalize all of your taste buds. Come see why everyone is talking about! Cuban Fusion Best Food in town!

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Cuban Fusion

Cuban Fusions Food Truck “Jimmie” brings style, and flair to any occasion! One taste and you will be hooked to the fabulous taste of Cuban Fusion!

Where will "Jimmie" Cuban Fusion Food Truck Be Next?

Don’t walk, run to the next Cuban Fusion location! Cuban Fusion is coming to a hot spot near you!

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Lisa has always had a passion for living and following her dreams. 

In 2013 Lisa started to look for a food trailer. She knew she wanted a vintage airstream, and after searching for months, Lisa found “Jimmie” (named after her mother). This 1961 Land Yacht soon became the new home of Cuban Fusion.cuban2 Lisa wanted “Jimmie” to be unique. She looked over countless logos and graphic prints but they just didn’t the cool factor she craved. One night, Lisa was at “Cycle Hops” and saw an amazing mural by Gorilla Garden Graphics. The light bulb went off and she realized what she needed for Cuban Fusion was a graffiti artist to create a “Day-of-the Dead” / “Dios de Muertos” theme for her food truck. It took only 20 hours for the free flowing, fun design to come to fruition. It was a long hard process getting the trailer ready, but in 2015 she is now up and running.

Lisa always wanted a restaurant or food truck. Five years ago Lisa herself was touched again by cancer; she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After realizing that “You only live once”, she couldn’t wait any longer for her dreams to happen. She took the plunge and decided to go to Culinary School.

Now the Cuban Fusion food truck can be seen all over Colorado. With a wide variety of Cuban food, it is one of the the premier food trucks in Colorado.

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amazing food truck “Jimmie” 

Where is the “Jimmie” The Best Food Truck in Colorado?

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Our Menu

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  • Sandwiches

    We have a amazing selection of Cuban inspired sandwiches!

  • Bowls

    Cilantro lime rice, black beans with sofrito, sweet plantains, with your choice of
    Roasted pork, picadillo, chicken breast, Ropa villa

  • Appetizer

    Spice up your meal with one of our Cuban Fusion starters!

  • Salads

    Looking for a great healthy way to enjoy Cuban Fusion, our salads are delicious and nutritious!